How to Spot Fraudulent Websites


Adding a short blog to look at the ever expanding problem with fraudulent websites.  I have been a victim of such websites and sellers, finding my listings along with my company name and logo, scraped from Etsy (also have my work listed there) and offered for sale on sites coming from overseas (the latest was Slovakia web provider.  I sell OOAK they were offering a long ago sold item.

Here are some ways to spot fraudulent seller/site.

  1. No visible email address or physical address -can't even discern country of origin!
  2. Look for well known payment processors like PayPal -not 100% but helps.
  3. Always have many listings-hundreds, all obviously different makers
  4. Not located in US
  5. blogs, events and other social media are not usually on fraudulent websites 

Unfortunately this activity hurts small artisan selllers.  Lastly try searching Trustpilot or other such website complaint platform for other buyers duped by the fraudulent website.



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